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SPTM! Small Pieces That Move! will be publishing my pamphlet:

Building the Aesopic Body: Taking Fable-Function for a Walk





Inside the villa they are taking no note of lines. Not of lines shall they be ruled, so it was said. Dr Ignatz is saying this.


Previous work:

Departure – short story in Mikrokosmos

Shri Shri told us a story of the seeds’ coming and going. A tale was told of how some of our collected seed could be taken to the black earth left over by the fat river’s thinning. After the fat river thinned, we were to push seed into the black earth.


 I This Is  – short story, Tether’s End

The big picture is made up of many miniatures…
They say I have stolen the car…
The children are in the yard playing cats-cradle…
Chanting operatic, an urgently angled choir approach…

The Geologist’s Gift

The geologist is waiting at the junction. The artefactist pauses, empties their pockets, glances around suspiciously.

‘What’s this?’



Perdix and a Pear Tree – short story, Entropy Magazine

“This,” Perdix admitted, “is no place for one accustomed to the open field. This is no place for one befriended of the curvature of earthen beauty. This is no place. This is nowhere, this air has never before held aloft the wing. Or not, at least, the wing of feather. And no fox ever made it so deep…”

Loop-de-Loop & One to Ten – short prose, Babel Tower

The Excellent Thing 

Exposure Pathways

The Intimate Touch 

Deep down I’m a real Cuddly Club sort of a squirrel. I’m cute and of educational value. Now don’t laugh.

Tunnel Rats

………. The missile rattled and bounced and clacked, as if a tumbling die.

The three of us stood contemplating a dull, oppressive silence. I took an extra two steps towards the ladder as a scratching and scuttling began. ………

Lagoon and Mountain 

Lagoon, sloshing and grunting hotly, we proceed. On occasion I get a panorama of damp and oddly hairy hills. A rolling rope-slung range is breaking the waves, vanishing again; three heads elegantly pulling; three folded and puckered ruminating heads.

Walking Sentences: disappearing and reappearing

Sentence walks.

Walking the sentence.

Waking the sense.

Rat Birds – short story, Fictive Dream

The pigeons have spotted me. They are corkscrewing down, spinning out from the fronts of buildings. Feeling small and dizzy, I stand still and allow this flapping cloud to descend on me. The swoosh and crack of wing, the deafening rattle of their cooing chests. I half shut my eyes, hair whipping around my face in the commotion. Birds thump onto my outspread arms and some even jab their uncertain weight onto my head before scrabbling for the food.

The Goat and the Bridge – short story, Shooter

Nick Norton in “The Goat and the Bridge” weaves an offbeat fable about a goat who resists tradition to overcome a loathsome foe.

The Bicycle Theft – short story, Bird’s Thumb

Emperor Starling – short story, Eqoque Ezine

The Court is a network of wind, a breath of dancing wing. I will not fly in The Court for my song is to be epic. The song of The Court is a thread of murmur tied to a cloud.

The Exemplar – short story, Cabinet of Heed

Dust is shaken onto the tiles…

Zeno Press publish Mirror Learning, the Loosened Forms of Pleasure 

I collaborate with Joey Chin on the work: Dear Farrah

An Awkward Heart in Storgy

 The Bear  in The Fiction Pool

Only One Silver Teapot – short story, The Happy Hypocrite, Tolstoyevsky

In the Toothpaste – short story, The Cabinet of Heed

Yet These Birds Do Fly – short story, Idle Ink

The Gates – short story, Epoque Press Ezine

The Opening – short story, Shooter

Paranoid Raptures – short story, Adjacent Pineapple

Edwards – short story, Here Comes Everyone (The Brutal Issue)

How Now – short story, Fictive Dream

BEEZER: Library Interventions – essay, Artists Book Year Book

I collaborate with Nicola Dale on ‘It Stare us Down’

The Alpha Recital – Short story, Honest Ulsterman

Tales From the Original Land – Short story, Fictive Dream

AKA: A Genealogy of the Saddle –  Book Works / Hull Freedom Festival

A joy to read, Nick Norton’s wonderful book brings a headlong, associative sensibility to the literature of landscape. I wish there were more books like it.                                     Patrick Keiller

A Discerning Confession – Short story, Honest Ulsterman

Metalanliguistica – The Periodical #19 



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