Nick Norton, writer of AKA: A Genealogy of the Saddle

A joy to read, Nick Norton’s wonderful book brings a headlong, associative sensibility to the literature of landscape. I wish there were more books like it. – Patrick Keiller

Writer of Only One Silver Teapot

Chuffed that this issue of Happy Hypocrite features Nick Norton, a writer who deserves to be published and read far more widelyAnguish Language‏

Fiction writing sometimes slips over the edge of the page:

Nick Norton helped co-found the artist group Inventory, publishing and exhibiting with them until 2003. He also conceived Library Interventions in 2013 and has curated various Interventions in the context of a university art library.

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Writing & News


The Goat and the Bridge – short story, Shooter

Nick Norton in “The Goat and the Bridge” weaves an offbeat fable about a goat who resists tradition to overcome a loathsome foe.


The Bicycle Theft – short story, Bird’s Thumb


Emperor Starling – short story, Eqoque Ezine

The Court is a network of wind, a breath of dancing wing. I will not fly in The Court for my song is to be epic. The song of The Court is a thread of murmur tied to a cloud.


The Exemplar – short story, Cabinet of Heed

Dust is shaken onto the tiles…



Oct:  Zeno Press publish Mirror Learning, the Loosened Forms of Pleasure 

I collaborate with Joey Chin on a work in her exhibition (See blog for a version of  my written part of this.) Supposedly reading of a found copy of A Pilgrims Progress, Dear Farrah speculates on other possibilities.

An Awkward Heart in Storgy






June : The Bear  in The Fiction Pool


AKA: A Genealogy of the Saddle on sale at Camden Arts Centre Bookshop

Book Launch: The Happy Hypocrite – Tolstoyevsky

April: Lush research: narrative, scripts, improvisations, mycelium connections


In the Toothpaste – short story, The Cabinet of Heed

Yet These Birds Do Fly – short story, Idle Ink

The Gates – short story, Epoque Press Ezine

The Opening – short story, Shooter

Paranoid Raptures – short story, Adjacent Pineapple

Only One Silver Teapot – short story, The Happy Hypocrite
Informed by a lineage of modern experimental and avant-garde magazines, this journal aspires to unpack the methodology of such journals, whilst providing a brand new approach to art writing. It will provide a greatly needed testing ground for new writing and research-based projects.



Edwards – short story, Here Comes Everyone (The Brutal Issue)

How Now – short story, Fictive Dream

BEEZER: Library Interventions – essay, Artists Book Year Book

The Alpha Recital – Short story, Honest Ulsterman

Tales From the Original Land – Short story, Fictive Dream



AKA: A Genealogy of the Saddle – Novella, Book Works / Hull Freedom Festival

A Discerning Confession – Short story, Honest Ulsterman

Metalanliguistica – The Periodical #19 – exhibited with related material in Embodied Language. Curator Karen Tobias-Green. Leeds Arts University

The Train – Poem in Anima #2

Mirror and Garden – Poem in Ink, Sweat, & Tears


Dear Farrah – poor pilgrim – pedestrian progress.   Are we in the cavemouth or are we rolling down the hill like Jack and Jill? Are we turning into the dark, holding aloft a feeble candle, and deciding to walk – right now – into the belly of a mountain?   Bunyan was in jail. …