“Thales attempted to explain the phenomenon through animism, presuming that the lodestone possessed a soul.”

The magnetite is magnetised by a lightning strike.

The mountain suckled of a different weight.

Gravity is firstly the sound of an idea falling.

To consciously introduce a new gravity into the psyche.

The returned remaining is named magnetism.

Remaining is an expression of surplus.

An idea falling through breaks and dissipates, the mirrored ripples of its original vanishing. 

Vanishing and dissipation, united in the lightning strike, indicate wholeness.

Gravity is apart. 

Gravity is a part of the strike.

If Gravitons act as gas, blown through quantum fields of all primordial and essential forces, force on force blowing; what happens when this gas is ignited?

Our solid reality is an actuality founded upon the ignition of a mist.