In order
to enter

(one cannot enter anywhere without a glimpse of the liminal).

In order
to enter

liminal space

in this liminality (should one notice it)
there to experience the greater potentiality of transformation.

To experience the greater potentiality is also to be absolutely sure of one’s current entrapment.

There must be a threshold for liminality, and thus a sliver of space in which transformation occurs.

As we look for this slat of bright otherness, so there must be a doorway or gate,
an iconstasis or a veil, 
a fence or a facade,

the blank face of actuality – sometimes ornamented –
must be it thrust against the movement of our bodies as a symbol or as an obstacle

an arresting moment which cannot be either here or there

thus for a moment without order there is required an order; the here and there – although these elements are no longer within sensible reach.

Once within the-in-between all order ceases, 
yet it is embraced in structure
albeit a rabbit hole
a gap
the pause

For to notice the liminal, for to enter the transformative potential thereof, thus an initiation. 

Initiation is never about the experience within the new, for that would not be possible to impart; always initiation is a method of approach to recognising structure. Initiation is a trap made apparent. Most times, the structure is not noticed. This is one of the functions of good order; to make its structure invisible – not noticed. Yet a vital function of this invisible moment by moment existence is to acknowledge its own redundancy: Time will come when every order fails. Those who have not experienced a liminal being in freefall, being all potential, will dangerously insist on order ever-after, even when all usefulness has gone from that order. 

To experience the betwixt and the between there must be a combination of imagined and actual spacial awareness; this is a grounding in the creative (even when there is no apparent ground).

Rock is fire.
Fire is remembering rock.
Rock re-membered is our body
shaped around fire.

To experience aporia is to be caught in a tunnel with fire at either end, to be bewildered by clouds of ink or encircled by a net of bubble. No matter how many times you reverse yourself, your are still caught.
Lewis Hyde

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