And neither in the first instance
both wave and particle
dot point dust
flow wash stream

the photon is considered as fundamental

clearly it is mutable and elusive.

Neither wave nor particle
until the unit of observation is attached.

Our perception is either wave or particle.
We are of dot and point and an aggregate of dust.
We are flowing, awash, we are the fundamental stream.

There is no mass, but we are all weight.

Light is gravity.

We curl into being, we snuggle into the curvature of existence.

Our light is darkened into becoming body. Moving into becoming body, so do we tap down the surface and planets are made into perfect pies. The savoury crust, the sweetness and hotness of a most desirable centre.

From the centre comes weight. All the surface is fly-away, the dancing place of photon, the fecundity of light. The light in the centre is a murmuration.

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