Lattice patterns consisting: 

Patterns sometimes becoming 

present as jewel, as laser, as a hot line rejuvenating one’s eye. 

One eye rejuvenated staring at the queue. It is line.
In line and patterning time, lattice patterns consisting:

Patterns persisting act as cages. Manifested and corralled, lattice and lace up, a conduit for the expression.

Lattice patterns contested; the frozen out queues wrapped around a mound of food.

The food is never old. 

Patterns of present jewels, one’s rejuvenated eye seeing the stepped line. We step out of the cage; we step into the house. The food is delicious

Energy traps this moving and this moving is an energy trap. Retaining the made in phases; each phase is the making of a lattice and its simultaneous unlocking. 

The phased works of the lattice are fields; fields are labour and obedience. The aligned lattice is a road, a rood for one’s back. 

The field and the road are a pattern marked around a trap and a simultaneous liberation.

Lattice patterns consist in the structure of a house. A matrix of some stability within which is one quality, outside of which is another quality. 

Neither obedience nor disobedience will gain entry to the feast. For those who obey as they come out of the field, for those who disobey as they return from the dead; the feast is always available. A pattern marking the trap and indicating a simultaneous liberation from the trap.

The owl is not caught.
The suburban edge, near the seashore, is turned into a funfair. Horses and mythical creatures are projected into the air.

There is a climb up to the owl’s perch, one balances on the pole in order to gain the heights.

For the owl to come to you it is necessary to present it with a garlanded cradle. If the owl steps into this it is re-captured.

It flies away.

Later the owl returns, you climb the pole, you hold forth a beautiful posy ring but still the bird will not allow itself to be caught.

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