Prepare your ground well
for it is distortion

and not reflection which absorbs
those long and terrible hours of scrutiny.

The quality of the mirror
creates the quality of reflection.

Meanwhile, the billboard prepares our awareness:

Get ready for close encounter.

Meanwhile our solar system in doused with extensions of our own awareness. Mirrors are deployed. There is oxygen sublimating from our rock, the rock hurtling through space which is ancient beyond the billboard’s easy imagining…

And within a year it is discovered that life is everywhere.

Our secret bodies, hidden echoes within, always knew this. 

We always knew this because we were always already a portion of that extraterrestrial life. Nonetheless; when the news is made official, and it shall be carefully and most tactfully done so, most people will discover they are not ready.

We are not ready for any encounter, close or otherwise.

Let us go back to grinding the lens; this glass is dirty; this cannot be true.

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