Energised between

this subject

this energised between subject, between this subject. 

Now start again.

Energised                                                                                         between this sibling. 


again. This subjectiveness destroys.

This destrupping subjict nrging like gurning smackmi chin and shove in anntother in front of the PA with head in cone, 

with this protesting dust marching down across back and 

escaping away…

And away

between the coming to be a knowing, between things as well. Perhaps more so than things, we consider this.

Perhaps we are more than things

still coming to know. 

I am still coming to know.

And in the unmoving perhaps we are so more 
even more than the energised between
and so to be more

the gaze alone can never contain this, and so the solution is never. 

The gaze can never be the solution, and what is contained is full of the in between.

On the between there rolls an energy, this discreetly controlled solution between the grasp and the graspable.

So I wait.

Between grasp and graspable, between the steps of the grasping, the grasping between which produces the interstice and the immensity of this 

alI wait now. All wait with the things.
Get down on the floor and wait 
like things
for things who do not wait.

I wait with the between and the event of this is within the “perhaps” of an energised.

An energised perhaps

not thing-not-between-not the wait.

My great array is a spectrum of a not

this is

an energised between of collated materials.

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