is not silence; we are only listening slightly.

A facilitator in the most exacting sense of being present and yet free; to be committed and yet not demand ownership, this is the catalytic work. 

The catalyst works because the surrounding reactive elements are present to their own potential. These elements react in and of their own potency but only via the “passing through” that becomes available in the catalytic gift, in question, and in imagination.

This element of living is that soundless passing through which is not consumed. That which is most alive in us is not a flame burning only to be consumed. The liveable is endlessly available to be given. All other life is able to pass through and it is vivified in the passing. Your catalytic quality transforms me; you are transformed within a moment, shared with me. The moment may objectively be called “mine” and yet that which is lived in the moment, and that which is liveable, divests itself of itself. Subjectively the moment becomes another, and in an instant it has yet returned wholly to “mine” and me.

Change cannot happen without the catalyst but equally once the catalyst is present then the change must happen. Therefore, be present. A catalyst is not consumed but may take part in multiple reactions. The change must happen; there is the fructifying availability. It is silent.

Life never spent and always available to the moment’s forthcoming resonance. 

To listen is to be catalytic. The world moves through us, flooding stillness.

From the spillage of stillness, returning silence, so the soundless surges up from deep. Depth is met. It is met in our foot fall. This washing infinite from infinite rolls ashore and forms a beach beneath each step.

And so let us say that I walk below me, soundlessly, and above me my mirror angel, communicant of the catalytic possible, walks perfectly in time; and we together walking, hearing this rich silence, peddle the planet onward. In my triple footfall not mine, and entirely belonging to me, so does the earth rotate. Properly round, and slight spread across the middle, the world moves soundlessly.

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