The happy graph 

shows all values meet.

The alert inquiry asks why is this complete and a pursuant mind delves for what is left out.

A furtherance of query restates the rout, values coalesce deeper than the sheet and look! there is little else.

The coincidence replete.

Transitional objects possess inertia. Energy is transferred through them. This energy is always in the journey toward and away and around and across.

A transitional true north is to be grasped as an intuitive whole, this including the fluid ontology being which surrounds “it”.

Simple compass removes the imperative for and potential of learning in relational complexity.

Fluid clustering of relational character and meaning is a manner to describe a far more complex environment than the traditional compass. True north is true AND.

Moments of learning. Learning relationships through journey deposit transitional objects.

The movement toward and away and around and across are relationships. Relating in sense, in stance, and in movement from the stance there are allowed moments of learning.

The in-between “be” becomes toward.

The toward begats a transitional object.

As the journey becomes cluster, in relating, so the relating journey excludes the object.

Itself cluster becomes journey. Itself cluster becomes… naming the movement and the quality of relating. The journey between nodes becomes the identifying quality (cluster of qualities). Journeying cluster becomes nodal explanation of itself.

There is an ache of a presence not properly attended to (and therefore the learning must be discovered in ghosts).

A few seeds hidden in my beard. Gravity measurements can predict river flooding. Kinetic memory in all things.

It is the inattentive reader who loses my subject, not I. Some word about it will always be found off in a corner and look! there is little else.

The coincidence replete.

Values coalesce deeper than on the sheet.

A furtherance of query restates the rout while a pursuant mind delves.

What is left out?

The alert inquiry asks why is this complete.

We are complete, but why? Look at this happy graph, it shows all values meet.

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