A point activates an understanding of the shape. 

Particle and point are orders of energy ordering the shape. 
Shape is wave, an edge, this tumbling flow; and awareness in flow is particle. 

The shape is providing the point and the awareness of the point in shape becomes time. 
Time becomes an ordering locked into point of other time and other awareness and this is an other energy ordering shape. 

Time and awareness come together to form. Come to form. Coming together in form. 
Shape gathers form; shape in greater shape (in greater shape) has an intuitive centre and should the community of time and awareness come then abstraction (as we thought it) becomes community. Community, the exchange of particles, becomes the narrator. The narrator activating a flow becomes the story. The story is an awareness of light falling into the story and in this shape there is in gravity. 

Gravity gathers to a point.

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