and yet

the arrow does hit the target. Moving clocks run slow and yet this is the target

we may yet be on course.

“In the frame where the electron is at rest the time over which the force acts gets smaller and smaller compared to the stationary frame…[moving clocks run slow]

“so in the frame where the electron is at rest the force acts for a shorter and shorter time, the closer the electron gets to the speed of light.

“Thus as the electron approaches the speed of light it appears to get heavier and heavier because it becomes harder and harder to increase its speed.”

The forbidden speed of light was therefore the true subject of Zeno’s paradoxes.

Inertia increases, increasing force to the speed of light; pulls inertia to an equal energy to that of the environment, which is not greater than the speed of light. To approach the speed of light is to become increasingly still.

This makes the tortoise actually the speed of light and any great athlete approaching through their great exertion does have need to traverse an infinite amount of finite numbers. The infinite regress of finite numbers bears witness to the inverse increase of force forever added to greater and greater inertia. Stillness achieved at the speed of illumination, which is impossible.

Stability is a net of flow and point exchanged in the infinite all-ready.

Force forever added, added forever force. The force-less less-force is.

Force is the picture created by exchange. 

In the field repulsion is mediated by exchange, everything is given instantaneously.

In the field no one owns anything.

The all-ready; an infinite space=time diagram becomes spaceless and timeless.

The all-ready infinite void and the all-ready form hold throughout eternity.

We in our curvature are held in the eternal as eternally falling through eternity to become the all-ready infinitely named in the forgettable and the unnameable.

Is it ever possible to read without a pen?

We choose to dwell in the distance function rather than with an infinite number of points.

If not now, and nothing else, then time is now and duration. 
But what is duration?

The arrow stretches its rest in its entirety between release and the target. There is but a single rest.

Is duration the transfer of rest from one moment to the next?

The creation of an absence in order to display an order of presence.

Pull without direction.

Clumping, which is distinct from pull.

Small scale grading, large scale grading.

The pull and clumpiness of the ground upon which we stand.

Curvature of space time equals pull; curved space time indicates mass. Mass is inertia. We do not know what inertia is.

Inertia is order in relationship.

Remember aether? Therefore we communicate with all space and do so in an instant through the Higgs Field.

Rule one: We are all very small.

Rule two: And very big.

Gravity might be a meeting place.

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