must be 

…a product of planets, a curvature of this planetary activity, as it becomes less measurably the further away from planets one goes.

Is it right to use this absence as a proof of a positive?

Nonetheless, gravity must be prior to planet because a planet could not form without gravitational effect.

Therefore gravity is a gas. Gas is a form taken by the interaction of elements. How can elements interact if there is no base attraction between them? Therefore gravity is prior to gas.

Gravity is an element. Gravity is prior to the elements.

Gravity has a more measurable action in those regions where there is more to measure. A force among forces prior to the forces’ movement.

On what force does gravity originally exert itself when in an immeasurable distance?

All distance is immeasurable without the awareness of the measurement.

Did gravity become conscious of itself and therefore become able to be the measure of its own action?

Gravity is delight.

Gravity = Light.

Golden Sugar Horn.

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