It is a little odd to see a series of events, a set of relationships, a barely collected set of works being re-inserted into the cultural life of a whatever cultural life there is – albeit in a most small manner. 

Odd, yet inevitable I presume. Clothes I have not yet thrown away are apparently returning fashionable. No, one really must not take any notice of such no sense none sense nonsense.

There they are, Inventory, a collaborative project. The journal was, and is. Inventory: finding, losing, collecting. 

My intention is to revisit my own contributions. To make new versions – perhaps new – available in the charcoal pit which is Grilled Fish.

About Inventory? These are some bare scrapings gleaned from an internet which, when we started, was barely there at all. Perhaps we would never have made a journal if it was possible to make a website? No, we would print, most certainly. Our conversations had circled the possibility for so long.

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