Lines and points

waves and particles. 

These distinctions have been false forever and we might have known this for a hundred years or more.

Force is the picture created by exchange. In the field repulsion is mediated by exchange, everything is given instantaneously.

In the field no one owns anything.

How many levels to the field? The linkage is made between very small and very large

We have no grasp of the nature or quality of this linkage because it is not to be grasped. No one owns anything. No one is one no where. 

No one but the field, which is, and we are of it.

How are we of it? Is this not merely wishful thinking? Where is the spontaneous creativity? Can you hear thoughts from the other end of of the universe? (Of course you can, but whether or not these are comprehended or even recognised as thoughts is another matter… And actually it is those thoughts arriving from outside the universe that should really concern us.)

We are of the field and in the linkage between scale. 

Our physiology and psyche has become the linkage (but whether of not this linkage is recognised or nurtured… That is not another matter; that is all that matters.)

We are in the field and of it and we are the articulating linkage over all scales and through other fields, and yet we remain ignorant, whimsical, embittered and stubborn. This is the groundwork of both science and art.

And yet the arrow does arrive, being at rest in each part.

We also arrive, eventually. Why is it that we are not all travelling at the speed of light? We are mutually conceived, this fulsome velocity and our mediumistic being of link and connect.

Light is not a force.

Is therefore light inertia?

That all cannot go faster than light and that energy and inertia, in approaching the ultimate velocity, become all energy, suggests that light is indeed the arrow.

Light is all rest.

Light is rest and instantaneous across the whole universe. Our rolling perception of this is force mediated by mass, it is our weighty way of seeing that makes light less than fully present always.

We become enmeshed with the vagaries of translation when moving energetically over different scales. The result is always an increase in weight.

Ultimate velocity is attained not in translation but in the first actuality of its utterance. As we rest in the instant, so we become light.


and yet

the arrow does hit the target. Moving clocks run slow and yet this is the target

we may yet be on course.

“In the frame where the electron is at rest the time over which the force acts gets smaller and smaller compared to the stationary frame…[moving clocks run slow]

“so in the frame where the electron is at rest the force acts for a shorter and shorter time, the closer the electron gets to the speed of light.

“Thus as the electron approaches the speed of light it appears to get heavier and heavier because it becomes harder and harder to increase its speed.”

The forbidden speed of light was therefore the true subject of Zeno’s paradoxes.

Inertia increases, increasing force to the speed of light; pulls inertia to an equal energy to that of the environment, which is not greater than the speed of light. To approach the speed of light is to become increasingly still.

This makes the tortoise actually the speed of light and any great athlete approaching through their great exertion does have need to traverse an infinite amount of finite numbers. The infinite regress of finite numbers bears witness to the inverse increase of force forever added to greater and greater inertia. Stillness achieved at the speed of illumination, which is impossible.

Stability is a net of flow and point exchanged in the infinite all-ready.

Force forever added, added forever force. The force-less less-force is.

Force is the picture created by exchange. 

In the field repulsion is mediated by exchange, everything is given instantaneously.

In the field no one owns anything.

The all-ready; an infinite space=time diagram becomes spaceless and timeless.

The all-ready infinite void and the all-ready form hold throughout eternity.

We in our curvature are held in the eternal as eternally falling through eternity to become the all-ready infinitely named in the forgettable and the unnameable.

Is it ever possible to read without a pen?

We choose to dwell in the distance function rather than with an infinite number of points.

If not now, and nothing else, then time is now and duration. 
But what is duration?

The arrow stretches its rest in its entirety between release and the target. There is but a single rest.

Is duration the transfer of rest from one moment to the next?

The creation of an absence in order to display an order of presence.

Pull without direction.

Clumping, which is distinct from pull.

Small scale grading, large scale grading.

The pull and clumpiness of the ground upon which we stand.

Curvature of space time equals pull; curved space time indicates mass. Mass is inertia. We do not know what inertia is.

Inertia is order in relationship.

Remember aether? Therefore we communicate with all space and do so in an instant through the Higgs Field.

Rule one: We are all very small.

Rule two: And very big.

Gravity might be a meeting place.

Action of a penetrating nature

shapes gravity around itself.

Action of a penetrating nature has of itself a gravity. Meteors are sign of an intuitive shift of consciousness. When they seek impact they are surrendering to pull. Penetrating nature is pull also, the heat and rearrangement has of itself a gravity.

Gravity expresses itself in an action. Neither the expression not the concluding action are necessarily gravity.

An action shapes around itself the nature of that which it is acting upon or within.

Gravity possesses action always. Action possesses gravity in the moment.

Weight as measurement is a quality of consciousness. The gravid moment is an awareness entering into time. Enter time to hold and to release. 

Holding and releasing is time expressing, shaping around itself the anomaly of its own apprehension.

The gravitational anomaly is a scar. Weight and density, the expressing moment of gravity, interpenetrates gravity.

Afterwards, leaving one moment for another, there is a puckering of old action, the husk of consciousness, the passing of thought. That which is said, and some of that which was thought, and the residue of our moments; all these leave weight. And weight also is an awareness, and awareness draws awareness to itself, becoming an action shaping nature around itself.

Flux of earthen passes, lunacy marks, gravitational echoes in our bodies as they fall together.

Falling together toward the weight of waking.

It was one of those dreams which did not know itself to be a dream until it became an urgent necessity that the dreamer wake up. 

And it was impossible to wake up until the pillow had become a lake. And the hand upon your chest was gripped and wrestled with throughout almost the entire night.

Here is the dawn of the next moment and, even now, are we sure this wakefulness is sufficient?

the remains, 
the remainder. 

Our rump is surplus. All our rumps are magnetic, which is why they get rump-like. 

The gravity of gravity begins in the body.

The beginning in the body is a gas. Wind. We are burped, the gas expelled suddenly has a weight about it. As if reality were based on breath.  

Look at the sun until opticians tell you to stop. Look and consider that gas might be reactive relationality. Relationships are performative and reactive until they become grounded. Our lightning strike makes of us essential. Relating as a force.

We are element in the seeking order; these fundamentals, the bodily fundament partakes of the relational and performative field of essential particles. These constituent parts:

The constituent
(parts of whole, the whole in each part)

are complexifying and returning to simplicity, therefore they seek their own order.
Becoming complex and being inevitably simple, because we seek our own order.


Force in physics = interaction. Mass = Inertia.

I am told mass is inertia and inertia is not the same as gravity. On my surplus, I shall sit. Sitting, I am pulled toward a centre.

But will a different gravity pull toward a different centre, or does all gravity seek the same? This same being a single point among the all and the many.

This new gravity field will allow solid Earth scientists to more accurately infer the Earth’s internal structure at finer resolution than was ever before possible from space. Ocean scientists can combine this gravity model with ocean height measurements from satellite altimeters to study global ocean circulation on a finer scale than has been previously possible. This will, in turn, enable a better understanding of the processes that drive the Earth’s dynamic system (solid Earth, ocean and atmosphere), thus leading to better analysis and predictions of climate change & natural hazards (e.g., Earthquakes). 

World moves in world.

World moves through world, multiple worlds align, an earthen contingency.

All in me don their mantle, shrouded in multiplicity. The earthen many multiplied in one does not vastly diversify chance but singularly enhances its own transcending function.

This standing beyond stands surely, here. 

At the end of ages, eyes open. 

Is our age ending? Only if our eyes are opening.

must be 

…a product of planets, a curvature of this planetary activity, as it becomes less measurably the further away from planets one goes.

Is it right to use this absence as a proof of a positive?

Nonetheless, gravity must be prior to planet because a planet could not form without gravitational effect.

Therefore gravity is a gas. Gas is a form taken by the interaction of elements. How can elements interact if there is no base attraction between them? Therefore gravity is prior to gas.

Gravity is an element. Gravity is prior to the elements.

Gravity has a more measurable action in those regions where there is more to measure. A force among forces prior to the forces’ movement.

On what force does gravity originally exert itself when in an immeasurable distance?

All distance is immeasurable without the awareness of the measurement.

Did gravity become conscious of itself and therefore become able to be the measure of its own action?

Gravity is delight.

Gravity = Light.

Golden Sugar Horn.


“Thales attempted to explain the phenomenon through animism, presuming that the lodestone possessed a soul.”

The magnetite is magnetised by a lightning strike.

The mountain suckled of a different weight.

Gravity is firstly the sound of an idea falling.

To consciously introduce a new gravity into the psyche.

The returned remaining is named magnetism.

Remaining is an expression of surplus.

An idea falling through breaks and dissipates, the mirrored ripples of its original vanishing. 

Vanishing and dissipation, united in the lightning strike, indicate wholeness.

Gravity is apart. 

Gravity is a part of the strike.

If Gravitons act as gas, blown through quantum fields of all primordial and essential forces, force on force blowing; what happens when this gas is ignited?

Our solid reality is an actuality founded upon the ignition of a mist.