Those moments

when we allow.

And sometimes indecisions will decide us.

Those moments when we allow, sometimes, all that is hidden.

Moments of all that is plain, and we come to know. 
We came to know, unknowing. It is simple. 
In the suspended step, a flow curtailed, simplicity.

I have come to know and come to be known.

I have come to arrive at this moment, before the knowing, instigated and initiated; the ignited and the engaged.

The engaged between, this arrival at the to be knowing. An interstitial of things, to be knowing. The in between of things dissolving in order to become moments.

The numinous is hidden in the absolute. It is the absolute we face everyday. Everyday time, which throbs with its unwarranted night.  

I know I cannot chase this night. A blackness vanishing within itself. A luminous disappearing act, the swaying feint of the collapse. Time’s crumple zone, a moment sat in amongst moments and the absolute elusive


And so I wait. I wait with the thing. 

The thing has no problem waiting. Delay makes me twitchy. 
In my itch I prod the thing. It rocks back and forth, it moves as if it were a potential.

My great array of things objectively interfere with this moment of waiting. Busily I scratch and call this potential. The itch has a potential for calm, the charm of a soothed moment.

I touch things in their swaying motion.Things rocking back and forth relatively. The shaped oscillation undulates along the length of obscurity. My moment is a line slung from dark and hung in dark and I am unwavering clarity, in between.

To pattern further

and to make far the patterns.

So is subjective communication acting on a pivot of the possible.

Therefore we ask in order to recognise a pattern. There, foregrounded as connection, we note a pattern.

Patterns are always only ever possible. Stars do not really create these figures. The seasons only seem to pass in a predictable progression. The archetypes have no voice, and yet they speak through a palette we have donated.

By the craft of “as if” and the subtle pass of “seeming so”, in the cauldron (and colander) of our perception, the possibility of an object is articulated as its own diminishing.

It, the as if and seeming so, appear and at once begin to recede in deference to the subjective.

Arising seductive patterns, an adaptation of the diminished object. 

A further pattern of possibility has caused the key to vanish.

A phase transition.

Why do we want a phase transition?

How is it that we seek the further pattern?

The stars above the stars are calling. 

An object-less subjectivity creates an event. 

A moment within the sieve of perception;
a subjective temporal event within the perceived. 

A pattern now.
A blossom, and in these petals trace pollen’s fecund telling.

So, the key

as subject approaches subject. 

So, as subject approaches subject they seek an exchange.

So, as subject approaches subject we seek an exchange.
In this gifting it is required that we match the quality and tenure of our giving, one given to another given, the singular subject matched by singular subject. 

So, if there is to be an exchange, the gift is a manner of summarizing the quality of energy within that exchange.

So there is an exchange, a gifted exchange, and a key fits together these energetic exercises.

So an object.


An object is produced in subject to subject exchanges.

An object thus collates the subjective.

An object thus is the communicating function.

“A child will discover parental qualities in stars, trees, and stones… without realising the cost its parents incur in upholding the fabric of its world.”  
[Eric Rhode. Psychotic metaphysics. 1994]





So the parent is an object to provide objects.

So the functional energy here is to allow the energy to function.

So this figure we call parent can be translates as; they that collate subjective experiences.

So they that collate subjective experiences are the pre-archaeology of this singular subjectivity; this singularity of experience which always stands counter to the summary.

The singularity of experience is subjectivity, the deep reality of our consciousness which always stands counter to the object which represents it.

Even so, singular subjectivity must be communicated.

So the must be communicated seeks an object through which it may bypass its own singularity.

And so this figurative object is the funnel through which subjective experience is directed.

The subject to subject experience becomes a gathered weight.

Thus weight and point provide new pattern, a pendulum swing, a new key for this melodic array.

“A liturgical object is one that carries over meaning from pre-birth times.” [E.Rhode]

Thus the figurative is redrawn, or drawn back, in order to reveal a subject.

So a revealed subject, pivoting around a liturgical object, draws subject subject and object through an exchange of gift.

An exchange of gift gives not gift for gift but reveals a further pattern of possibility. 

So subjective communication, acting on the pivotal possibility of the object, is an adaptation of the diminished object. 

A further pattern of possibility has caused the key to vanish.

A phase transition.

The diminished object and the subject singular become


Even so

the consumer response to lack remains an ever retreating mirage. 

Lack in awareness and lacking awareness of lack yet aware of something lacking in our awareness.

An entering into the weight of absence.

How is it that this universal force acts locally? And indeed, the universal force of this force is to create the local.


One cannot buy into this, nor spend one’s way out of it.

With this in mind, and absent from mind, to be absent of mind. […] For to absent mindedly go forth mindfully; the real work with lack is toward a positive consciousness of lack.

Even so, there was invented a form of cultural activity specifically set against a sense of lack, specifically formed as a boost to counter gravity.

It is rocket science; the view from space. The view to deliver weapons, to deliver television, and now it will deliver telepathy and utter transparency. To utter the word “transparent” is to be seen.

Emptiness and the lunar landings have become bonded to a promise of fullness and, if not exactly transcendence, let us a say a form of “over striding.”

Over striding fullness is the product we want and we want this so seriously that huge amounts may legitimately be spent in order to possess. 

The coffers can be emptied in order to perfect the un-possession which is over striding fullness. The impossible product that would be sufficient to a life replete. The war and the sublimated war may be fought, balanced on that which is lacking.

Even so, lacking the balance, there is velocity. In the clash of speeding objects one finds a mummery of desire. Theory can fit this description as well as a handbag as well as the continent sized aquifer; all these wants brought about by lack of knowledge, by lack of grace, by thirst. 

Even the wants become lacks, being lacking, the wanting of wants. Satisfy me always, so it said.

There is the running, the running into turns. The turns turning, and returns. 

A paradoxical entering into lack that speaks of completion whilst never denying essential absence.

Absence at the level of essence does not automatically denote the absent essential.

The compulsive turning, returning, going toward, empting the hoard; this movement pulls a skein of presence. A web of holding even so we are falling

the local is insistently pulling


The ecstatic ecstasy is outside the ecstatic; this is inside. The ecstatic ecstasy is enstatic. Enstatic enstasy becomes ecstatic.

The skein is rope to pull us along and yet it is also the geese flying their V of communion, their communication of shared flight and purpose.

Even so, the ongoing seductive folly of thing; even so, the fantastic chains we are caught in; even so, we are to dragged down to annihilation.

Where is your meaning? 

The meaning-full as intentional awareness fully aligned in the meaning-less. The quality and the fruit of this relating is reply to the question of meaning.

To arrive alongside lack without an illusion of being able to either complete or fill or be complete or be full. 

To enter lack lacking, shorn from the possessive and the against (for one must struggle against these ropes of illusion that nonetheless really strangle, these fantastical chains that really do break bone and spirit); even so, replete.

As the universe shifts

we shift. 

As matter expands we expand, as matter is of the universe – expanding (it is said).

Contracting, expanding; breathing some say. Our internal spaces are enlarging, our speed is increasing, and all of this is occurring in perfect harmony with all other shifting, speeding, and expanding (or contracting).

We are not separate from the stuff of stuff. We are absorbed in the absorption, even with a consciousness somehow able to posit a separation and an awareness somehow able to apprehend the conceptualization of distinction.

My internal distinctions are expanding in harmony with the great conceptual shift. And as the universe plunges over into a new state of being so does my body sense an-other-ness, redeeming axial turns of consciousness. To peer in afresh at the preening of new plumage.

So this moment is a moment to seek to say something of the shift. 

It is not the inevitability of the shift which pursues us, rather it is the less than inevitable change of consciousness being in this emerging realignment of matter. How might the force of awareness within this changing consciousness become inevitable?

Another-ness, otherness, other nest; there is no other nest and yet this bird has not yet landed, these branches are not yet woven.

The mirror neurons of a cuttlefish are directly linked to its surface. The whole body is a brain. Recognition, negotiation, and emotional interaction are visible at the speed of cognition. This distributed thought enhances its immersion in the environment. Immersion in the cognitive shift of the shifting thus enhances its adaptation and survival.

How might the force of awareness within this changing consciousness become inevitable? Another-ness, otherness, other nest; there is no other nest but this filament woven network: brain, bread, galaxy – the expanding bread of connection. As the shifting shifts so we shift for we are the shift.

Other energy

ordering shape and other awareness of this

locked into point of other time.

This is locked. Ours is a hope for upmining. Upmining is also known as breathing.

This bound moment is unlocked, a mass weighted and yet received. Weight also may be an unlocked moment
in time.

The lock and the unlocked in time are neither a lock nor ever unlocked.

There is the found ocean below us, ringwoodite, resonating evidence that water came from within…

Sweetmeat, our inner ocean is literal and a speaking of the psyche and so so the planet is a cake of fire / water / earth / air.

The high water storage capacity of minerals in Earth’s mantle transition zone implies the possibility of a deep H2O reservoir. 

Already there are plans for Fracking an ocean. Draining the subterranean: let us agree before it starts, this will kill us all.

A point activates an understanding of the shape. 

Particle and point are orders of energy ordering the shape. 
Shape is wave, an edge, this tumbling flow; and awareness in flow is particle. 

The shape is providing the point and the awareness of the point in shape becomes time. 
Time becomes an ordering locked into point of other time and other awareness and this is an other energy ordering shape. 

Time and awareness come together to form. Come to form. Coming together in form. 
Shape gathers form; shape in greater shape (in greater shape) has an intuitive centre and should the community of time and awareness come then abstraction (as we thought it) becomes community. Community, the exchange of particles, becomes the narrator. The narrator activating a flow becomes the story. The story is an awareness of light falling into the story and in this shape there is in gravity. 

Gravity gathers to a point.

Without the question

there is no quest. 

CERN, referred to as a temple of science, is a physical echo of Stonehenge. Both are questions. The religious forms and the scientific forms make reality form around the query.

The quest begats measurements. That the besmirched knight fails, trapped in rusting armour, is measure enough to justify the story. 

The story begats the community, the community begats the narrator, the narrator begats the story, the story illuminates the measures, the measures make the reality.

Who collapses quantum wave packets with query? How is our scrutiny collapsing collapse? And, buckled beneath this looking, a veritable crash, a multi-vehicle pile up, so does reality grow.

The list of known “elementary” particles was growing so long that the field was in danger of developing an almost biology-like level of complexity.”

Imagine, the horror! Fundamental reality as described by physicists might bear some comparison with fundamental reality as experienced by insects (and others).

We kiss the quarks and move on. Our questing noses pollinate the time line, a future shifts, our sneezes rumble significantly.

I dreamt of a recipe for eggy bread: slather one side of bread in chocolate spread and then soak the other side in the eggy mixture. Fry in pan on just the the egg soaked side. From dream I ran down to the kitchen and tested this. It is, I assure you, delicious, although I cannot vouch for any health benefits.

Let us say 

that consciousness is larger than awareness as eternity is larger than infinity.

How so that infinity is not synonymous with eternity?

Infinity can be located in a materiality. Located if not exactly caught or counted. The grains of sand, an infinite number; this quality of presence must be held in the possibility of material.

That which holds the material, the possibility of material, and infinity; this is eternity.

This state of is holding can be named eternal. The name is not sufficient, the is holding will always escape.

If the infinite is not held, so that its materiality may be considered its own, a boot strapped reality, then that nothing (not holding) through which infinity falls is eternal.

This state of is not holding can be named eternal. The name is not sufficient, the is not holding will always escape.

Presence and nothingness; the infinite partakes of, inhabits, grows within.

The eternal, which will always escape and cannot be held to any material substratum, moves through and in and across the infinite.

In this sense is the eternal greater than the infinite, even when it is apprehended within an infinite series. 

One cannot end an infinite number. One cannot locate eternity. Outside of locality, therefore, the fullest possibility of presence is in each present moment.

So let us say that, by this probable relational scale of interaction, it becomes possible to transfer the paradigm:

Consciousness sits 

yet outside of awareness.

                         Awareness always has some level of material requirement.

Consciousness is of the collective array which holds the material substratum yet it is also that which moves with awareness over awareness (through awareness, under, and inside awareness).

Awareness can be aware of […] but to be aware of one’s awareness belongs to the realm of consciousness. A realm continually escaping direct, material apprehension.

Awareness is to rend and it is the rendering.
To rend, rent asunder, 
ass under the towering nervous system’s self sustaining glory
can you tear yourself away ?

Rendering, to cover, to present
or submit
an act
an instance of performing

to portray, the extract removed by melting is rendered.

Prendere, to grasp, to give back; that is awareness, both the holding and the releasing. Aware to rendering, as fat out of meat, as an alchemical sublimation of heat and pressure, and so the juices flow

so where do they flow?

To give back, rendering life unto life, so is consciousness experienced.
Consciousness is never fully experience as always there is the allusive over-seeing, consciousness saying this is not yet it. No loss of freedom, this othering from awareness, 

a loss of identity

The rendered surface dissolves. The fat of ego is melted out of an equation written as “fleshy participation”.

Within consciousness but without awareness, the flesh equation perpetuates; “we” participate, but from where?

There the asking, where the responding?

The axe is already laid to the root.

This is a question of consciousness.

The final, most difficult obstacle to transcending all thought & cognition is wanting to talk about transcending all thought & cognition.

This is a question of a question of consciousness; a consciousness of a question of a question of consciousness.

Oh, and dread:

A question of a consciousness of a question of a question of consciousness.

So what is

the question?

How do we position awareness and query; here?

Here, beyond the prospect of regressive tropes spiralling beyond sense.

A labyrinth. A broken labyrinth. An imagining of the broken labyrinth as a site of awareness.


How can we be here, beyond the prospect of regressive tropes spiraling beyond sense and evading all possibility of sensible awareness?

The spiral form regression may precisely cease in light of awareness rendered.

Insensible awareness ceases to be conscious of itself and ceasing to be conscious of itself it desists from question.

The spiral form regression may precisely cease in the fact of awareness. Ceasing in the spiral, awareness becomes insensible. The rendering light, both a material put down and a tearing from.

This becomes measurable.

By inserting a possible measurement the impossible awareness becomes probable. 
Hurrah! My time line is measurable.

The probable is insensible awareness in its interviewing smarts.

The probable invokes an act of translating its mute form into measurement and thereafter measurement is rendered an actuality.

I too have stood beneath sun and stared at stone. Eventually the stone stares back. 

This is not a question of consciousness, this is a statement of the actionable.

My time line or my time punctum? In point, in flow.

What is “mine” about any of this?

“I suppose I’ll have to add the force of gravity to my list of enemies” – Lemony Snicket.

There is the weight of it, hanging off the end.

The weight which pulls the question toward urgency.

I am falling toward oblivion and I am, I remain. I remain more than the actionable statement.

This is a question of consciousness. This is consciousness as a question. An is question is pulling me; consciousness as a question which refutes its own answerability.

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