there is much paperwork to be completed; another dream concerning the alphabet
All the tokens are to be slotted into an extensive filing system and it appears that to manipulate the letter is to manipulate the reality.

Every meaningful unit of narrative must be collected. There is a movement in and out of walls, travelling up and down the building, always gathering up a new community of people.

We are smothered in sticky propriety.

We are persons requiring rescuing and yet we are the only people able to enact such a rescue.

Every move is a meditation upon a letter. Letters, movements, and meditations; these are all as one.

we are are waiting to be rendered and made present, wondering if it is correct to sometimes trust the punctuation of others.

You lay the line, they make the sense of this.
There is great anguish at the injustice of this.

Our invigilator says there is a must in the sense of another.
The line has implemented blind actions.
They do not see us as we are. 
We do not see us are we are.
Waiting for the bell to ring, everyone has shut their eyes.

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