Mark making as continuity

through life and through drinking and eating. The mark is made, here in the utensils, here on the utensils, here through the utensils; marks made, teeth sown, hands gripped; the shapes and traces speak of hunting, reaping, death, burial, copulation and birth. All this made in a mark, a scratch, a pattern grown from haptic necessity.

In the proliferation of mark making which follows the first indent… It is always possible to follow that continuity.

The continuation births the mark, the mark propels continuation, and that which continues follows awareness.

Our awareness scribbled in the perception, the contemplation, the rumination; our idling, our doodling, our wasting time, and this is the sacred boredom which becomes manifest in a visual itch. 

The scratched becomes imagination, the rubbed imagination produces a sign. A sign is a made mark. The marked is also an extension of reflection through body, through the fleshy extension, through the hidden electrical discharge suddenly becoming an expression of skin and chemic. 

This is movement. 

Movement is called imagination; the tracery of gesture is mark made toward the real. 

Going toward the real we discover only the ever new. 

The real is the future, which is not here; therefore the real is not reality. Therefore we store up our mark making against the possible betrayal of actuality.

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