The ardent knot

well ordered linkage which may be remedied.
This arduous knot is never undone, yet in its reality resonant loops are found.

By gently tapping here, over time, the conversation of the real continues. Over time, the resonance begins to shake down walls.

Dreams awaken one convincingly and, in this moment, convinced.
One awakens with urgent conviction or a question, and even as the image seems to fade or lose focus, still one must continue in order to find out the form that must be.
A reality was implemented as a dream. The knotted bedsheets remind us.

To dream and to awaken alongside the discovery of an array of planted evidence, thus is life conceived as realism. 

You have truly read a certain book, you may think this, you may be convinced. Actually, the entire story line as you remember it is a fabrication of your subconscious.

Books in dreams.
These form a special category of reality.

Books in dreams were once scrolls and parchments. Once books in dreams could only manifest themselves as clay, therefore runes dreamt of alphabets and alphabets dreamt of paper manufacture and paper dreamt of pens. 
That was a terrifying dream.

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