Not comprehending
this the needful balance to comprehension. Not compre
is at the end and


We have allowed great combative ignorance to rise up.

To each other our self donated is a combustive and forever fireworking source.
In company we light each other and the illumination over there will here shine me to self.

What is there between our true selves and our true selves at source?

There is nothing between our true selves and out true selves at source. 

Nothing is not to be comprehended. The void of this gap that is no gap cannot submit to the seizure of apprehension.

We have insisted on a great combative ignorance, it shields us from our own resource. 

Shadow may seem overwhelming

although the light grows
greater in darkness. 

Such dark incomprehension
is no concept

and yet therein we discover conception.

What else is there before the singularity of resource? The singularity of returning and the single sure light
which without flicker is your life.

Even here amongst this brawling bawling shadow, refulgent is the radiance and single is the source thereof.

Allegorical is other speaking. 
All light can ever do is other speaking. 

SINGular the song, set as a gemstone inside a dynamic.
The radiance is allegorically bedecked in jewels because, here, it only has our life to speak through.

Where the light is its own resource there is no sound, no silence, and no radiance. The dark is fully light not comprehending. As the battling unconsciousness suspends itself and fails, exhausted (for ignorance is exhausting), so it begins to speak allegorically, it begins to beautify itself with gold and all manner of art. 

This is a shining presence, it is said, and once light is spoken of then there is sudden contour, shape, depth, and height.

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