The mastery of chance

that the array of happenstance (a deflated pink flamingo) will show itself as it shows itself and this self will be instantly recognizable.

A light fog, almost mist now, is hanging as a cloud over the junction. This complicated knot of roads is surrounded by tall buildings, some of the towers are still being built. Reflected from a fa├žade, sun is shot through the glass sides of a stairwell and this creates a series of golden strips in the fog.

A set of gold stripes hover in the air above me as I wait for a gap in the traffic.

There is a vocabulary of patterns. The mastery of chance is in perceiving pattern and then patterning patterns. There is no mastery, only endless collaboration.

To cooperate, one awaits for shared characteristics.
Meeting and agreeing patterns in order to expand into a never before seen pattern

as a lock recognizes key
so do new vistas open

and yet the door has never before seen this manner of turning.

Chance is an associate of shock because our brusque and amazed encounters describe those moments

when an array of characteristics that are logged, identified, and presumed stable, suddenly expand.

To muster toward chance is an acknowledgement of a primordial lack. Without that lack there can be no complete. 

The complete mastery of chance, thus, an energy to share characteristics as if an organic pattern; despite the radical newness of the patterns, there is agreement.

This new passage is not directly related to the fresh characteristics which make lack and key so agreeable to one another.

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