As a concession to mind 

we make art.

A falling through action allows that we may show that which must also be seen through.

In sight of this concession the vertigo decelerates to a mere hovering. 

One holds up a symbol, it seems robust, almost solid, and yet it is designed to be looked through. A lens does distort the view, even as it enables it.

We make and making will be.
We will be including art, play, pathway and the lunch in our making. 
We make as a concession to the nature of mind. 

Mind is constructed of elemental forces, forces are construed of almost nothing, and yet this elemental quality has material requirements. Materials require form to give form. We come as gift.

Coming into our inheritance, the shell opens to reveal coiled levels of rest and each level behaves as if entirely permeable to the other even though, when we step back from this treasure, these consensual nests return to an impenetrable aspect.

There is no exclusion, there is only articulation.

The apparatus of consciousness is narrative. (One seeks inside the shell not by skewer but by story.)

Narrative brings awareness closer.

In the play of pattern and seeking sequence consciousness functions so as to shape and ascertain its own double edge.

Such concessionary play is carving order of the real and cutting its own reality as a key to unlock this conundrum. Clavis cleaving, being close to and opening.

Conundrum, a word of unknown origin.

The drum of consciousness, the beaten timing of narrative, rung rhythm of awareness. This need never be stopped as understanding; always there is the lure of standing under the fount.

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