form of communication
the formless
suffering order as in silence
it grows.
Each general rotation through All Ways is an always searching to access creativity. 

To access creativity is to match our ability to generate with antecedent “towarding;” creative is the rushing out to meet that which is “going before.” This becomes potent. 

A field of potentiality, a set of the possible within a rotation, the churning frames of our imagination. It is yet impossible to calculate beyond the range of our faculties. The rotating set approaches our faculties while, even so, it can never be fully apprehended.

This lack of utter apprehension must be so or the potential of potentiality can not be present in itself.

To be presently aligned toward the possibility of apprehending the creative root. 

Alignment is barely noticed, impossible to catch, and it is all we can ask to be.
The escapist holds onto their journey, begets a travelling littered with trinkets. A true escaping is not something we possess, and nor can we be possessed by it.
If we are not to be silent, even for a moment, then we are to be busy. To be busy as cause and conclusion, with this we can neither find cause nor ever conclude.  
If our busy minds make of Truth and Beauty and Goodness busy things to be done with in their doing, they shall not be here.
For gifts to be gifts they must be given. Who amongst us can truly give The True; who in pure goodness hands over The Good; who allows Beauty without expecting the company of “want”?

Gifts if taken are made over as possession, and they at once become banal. Possession is not gift for now it cannot be received.
Gift is a time-less receiving, and in this inherently is the whole relationship. Truth always present is received. Beauty always present is recognised. Goodness always present is welcomed. 

The potent rotation
aligning silence to silence, 
overstepping obscurity in the obscure.
See in this moment,

we begin

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