Other energy

ordering shape and other awareness of this

locked into point of other time.

This is locked. Ours is a hope for upmining. Upmining is also known as breathing.

This bound moment is unlocked, a mass weighted and yet received. Weight also may be an unlocked moment
in time.

The lock and the unlocked in time are neither a lock nor ever unlocked.

There is the found ocean below us, ringwoodite, resonating evidence that water came from within…

Sweetmeat, our inner ocean is literal and a speaking of the psyche and so so the planet is a cake of fire / water / earth / air.

The high water storage capacity of minerals in Earth’s mantle transition zone implies the possibility of a deep H2O reservoir. 

Already there are plans for Fracking an ocean. Draining the subterranean: let us agree before it starts, this will kill us all.

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