Lines and points

waves and particles. 

These distinctions have been false forever and we might have known this for a hundred years or more.

Force is the picture created by exchange. In the field repulsion is mediated by exchange, everything is given instantaneously.

In the field no one owns anything.

How many levels to the field? The linkage is made between very small and very large

We have no grasp of the nature or quality of this linkage because it is not to be grasped. No one owns anything. No one is one no where. 

No one but the field, which is, and we are of it.

How are we of it? Is this not merely wishful thinking? Where is the spontaneous creativity? Can you hear thoughts from the other end of of the universe? (Of course you can, but whether or not these are comprehended or even recognised as thoughts is another matter… And actually it is those thoughts arriving from outside the universe that should really concern us.)

We are of the field and in the linkage between scale. 

Our physiology and psyche has become the linkage (but whether of not this linkage is recognised or nurtured… That is not another matter; that is all that matters.)

We are in the field and of it and we are the articulating linkage over all scales and through other fields, and yet we remain ignorant, whimsical, embittered and stubborn. This is the groundwork of both science and art.

And yet the arrow does arrive, being at rest in each part.

We also arrive, eventually. Why is it that we are not all travelling at the speed of light? We are mutually conceived, this fulsome velocity and our mediumistic being of link and connect.

Light is not a force.

Is therefore light inertia?

That all cannot go faster than light and that energy and inertia, in approaching the ultimate velocity, become all energy, suggests that light is indeed the arrow.

Light is all rest.

Light is rest and instantaneous across the whole universe. Our rolling perception of this is force mediated by mass, it is our weighty way of seeing that makes light less than fully present always.

We become enmeshed with the vagaries of translation when moving energetically over different scales. The result is always an increase in weight.

Ultimate velocity is attained not in translation but in the first actuality of its utterance. As we rest in the instant, so we become light.

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