the remains, 
the remainder. 

Our rump is surplus. All our rumps are magnetic, which is why they get rump-like. 

The gravity of gravity begins in the body.

The beginning in the body is a gas. Wind. We are burped, the gas expelled suddenly has a weight about it. As if reality were based on breath.  

Look at the sun until opticians tell you to stop. Look and consider that gas might be reactive relationality. Relationships are performative and reactive until they become grounded. Our lightning strike makes of us essential. Relating as a force.

We are element in the seeking order; these fundamentals, the bodily fundament partakes of the relational and performative field of essential particles. These constituent parts:

The constituent
(parts of whole, the whole in each part)

are complexifying and returning to simplicity, therefore they seek their own order.
Becoming complex and being inevitably simple, because we seek our own order.


Force in physics = interaction. Mass = Inertia.

I am told mass is inertia and inertia is not the same as gravity. On my surplus, I shall sit. Sitting, I am pulled toward a centre.

But will a different gravity pull toward a different centre, or does all gravity seek the same? This same being a single point among the all and the many.

This new gravity field will allow solid Earth scientists to more accurately infer the Earth’s internal structure at finer resolution than was ever before possible from space. Ocean scientists can combine this gravity model with ocean height measurements from satellite altimeters to study global ocean circulation on a finer scale than has been previously possible. This will, in turn, enable a better understanding of the processes that drive the Earth’s dynamic system (solid Earth, ocean and atmosphere), thus leading to better analysis and predictions of climate change & natural hazards (e.g., Earthquakes). 

World moves in world.

World moves through world, multiple worlds align, an earthen contingency.

All in me don their mantle, shrouded in multiplicity. The earthen many multiplied in one does not vastly diversify chance but singularly enhances its own transcending function.

This standing beyond stands surely, here. 

At the end of ages, eyes open. 

Is our age ending? Only if our eyes are opening.

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