To be oppressed (or repressed, which is the more economical way of doing things,) by a giant bag of marshmallows is more permanent and economical than a regime of boot and steel.
To be oppressed by (or repressed in) a calculating combination of the two is a most dangerous prospect, very often fatal for those who lack the combination of a sweet tooth and the banality of a well turned surface.
But let us be positive about this: it is very difficult for to combine, with any degree of success, for any length of time, these two wildly incompatible substances. Not without an odour of the ridiculous staining the system.

Candyfloss and steel are bound together in a fearsomely functional system of decay inspiring stickiness, however. Luckily, again, we know how a sudden downpour will reduce any delusion of fun and freedom to a glutinous mess. You will be left in need of a bath and clutching a stick full of splinters to be promptly discarded in the mud.

Variegated leaves are wasteful. They provide surface area in excess, beyond use value. This is sometimes the result of a virus: horticulturists deliberately cultivate a disease in order to provide certain house plants with their charm.
To contemplate nature is to be alone. To commune with Nature is think this is not so. The Loner has made a myth of their status (or accepted it, piecemeal, from elsewhere).The lonely are beings left bewildered by a sense of hurt which seems tacked into every nook and cranny of their existence.
Which is all well and good but if you can’t hear it why bother?
Genius is always for other to decide and they are always wrong.
“The night has a thousand eyes
and a thousand eyes

will see me true.”

Original first published in Inventory: losing, finding, collecting. Vol.1 No.1 1995

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